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I have to say that I am truly thrilled that I choose PetAgree to watch our dogs.  Your commitment to your customers and ultimately your business really shows that you care about them and their pets.  We are very happy with Kasey and love that she is watching over our brown and black beauties! 

Wendy P.

Cats all looked great and happy when we got home. Thx for your record keeping too- I read all your notes and  I appreciate that you guys give love and attention because they all get quite a bit during  the course of a day.  Thx soooo much!  We really appreciate your consistency and care  <div class='joomla_add_this'><!-- AddThis Button BEGIN -->
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Extreme Weather Policy:

Weather extremes may only permit outdoor time for 10-15 minute potty duties, then indoor activity these days.  
We will not walk on ice for more than 10-15 minutes or in wind chills consistently below 10 degrees.  Most importantly, we will not subject dog paws to dangerous conditions including temperatures below 25 degrees if snow and slush is present as frostbite can occur. This can freeze between toes and salt is harsh to paw pads. Injuries to both dogs and Crew Members can occur due to slippery ice. Each visit will be tailored for your pet's comfort and safety, as well as our Crew Members. 
Please have a towel or paw wipes (unscented baby wipes are also safe for paws) available for your Crew Member for wiping messy paws. Please arrange with Pet-Agree how you would like the time spent if a modification is necessary due to weather. 
If school districts are closed or weather conditions are poor and you would like to cancel, please call , text or email  and leave a message as early as possible. You will receive full credit for late cancellations due to weather conditions. 
Be aware, if driving conditions are dangerous due to ice or snow, it may be necessary for Pet -Agree to cancel the visit/walk altogether, but we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. 

Pet-Agree loves your pets!