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I have to say that I am truly thrilled that I choose PetAgree to watch our dogs.  Your commitment to your customers and ultimately your business really shows that you care about them and their pets.  We are very happy with Kasey and love that she is watching over our brown and black beauties! 

Wendy P.

Cats all looked great and happy when we got home. Thx for your record keeping too- I read all your notes and  I appreciate that you guys give love and attention because they all get quite a bit during  the course of a day.  Thx soooo much!  We really appreciate your consistency and care  <div class='joomla_add_this'><!-- AddThis Button BEGIN -->
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COVID-19 Update
As things change daily in regards to the COVID-19 virus please be aware that we have been relaxing our cancellation policy. There will be no cancellation charges for the foreseeable future. As always the safety of our staff members, clients and the pets in our care is of the utmost importance. We are diligent in our hand washing procedures and any team member who isn't feeling well won't be doing visits. Most vacation clients will not be traveling as usual and many of our daily clients won't need services at this time.
For a small business like ours these cancellations will be very tough. We will weather the storm but feel terrible for our team members, who work so hard in the rain, cold and snow, and who care so much for the animals they visit.  We are a stronger company because of their commitment and we'll do what we can for them in the interim.  
We are still here and doing visits for those that need us. We are still available to continue walks if you are working from home! We will also be offering to take your pet to the groomer or veterinarian and pick up medications if needed. 
We are offering assistance for : 
  • Elderly
  • Immunocompromised/Immunosuppressed .  
If you need assistance with pet food /supply deliveries or taking a pet to the vet or grooming appointment we can help!  
One of the ways our clients can help us come back strong in the next few weeks is to refer your friends, family and neighbors.  And please make your spring and summer reservations. Please continue to visit and utilize all of our wonderful small local companies in the area.  We are so grateful to our community and thankful to be able to do this work that we love so much.  As we celebrate 11 years in business we look forward to many many more!
Thank you so much for your continued trust in us!  Stay safe and stay healthy! 

Pet-Agree loves your pets!

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