As many of you know, my last day working for Pet-Agree was last Friday. It was soul crushing. There are so many wonderful things about dog walking and pet sitting. I love this job more than anything I’ve ever done - and I’ve had some pretty cool jobs. Nothing beats the love of an animal (especially a dog). 
My favorite thing to do was to take a dog on an adventure. Maybe it was me taking Austin or Karson to their favorite park, Shaggy Pines. Maybe it was taking Lambeau to Roselle Park so he could swim in the river. Or maybe it was taking Oliver to every trail imaginable and getting lost, laughing because I fell down a hill or stopping for treats so I can get that perfect picture to send his parents. 
The most rewarding part of this job was winning over my favorite 6-pack. I’m sure you remember all the pictures of Gus, Goose, Lucy, Fitzy, Stella & 
Emmy. This isn’t a pack you send an inexperienced person to go do. You had to be knowledgeable of medical conditions and be aware of any reaction the dogs may have to each other or another human. You had to win Gussie over with lots of treats. He had a very rough beginning to life and thankfully his Mom has given him a wonderful home to spend the rest of his years. But that abuse still haunts sweet Gussie and he is not friendly to strangers. In the beginning, I was a stranger. Today, I am family. 
This job made me happy. Sometimes any job can be stressful - hello holidays and busy busy days - but it was never too stressful. I never hated it and I never wanted to leave. So it clearly makes sense that I’ve applied to be a pet sitter with a company in Cincinnati!! I am going to continu
e caring for people’s fur babies and hopefully I get to take these new love bugs on their own adventures!!! 
If you have a love for pets that is beyond the average pet owner’s love, if you like taking long hikes and having sleepovers, and if you don’t mind being in the elements now and then...Pet-Agree might be a perfect fit for you! Send your resume over and keep your fingers crossed you get an interview. Because if you get into this profession, I promise you that you won’t want to leave.