Let's talk about permanent Identification for pets. I see dogs and cats daily who have wandered away from their homes and good Samaritans bring them to the clinic to see if we recognize them. Often they aren't wearing any type of identification. Either the collar & tags have fallen off or they never had one on to begin with. Microchips are a way of permanently identifying them in case they lose their collars and tags. It's safe, convenient and affordable. There are many companies who offer these services so check with your veterinarian to see which company they recommend and the specifics that go along with each company. I have the most experience with Home Again and Avid and really like both companies.

Think of the microchip as a tiny computer chip that has an identification number programmed into it. The chip is about the size of a grain of rice and is placed via needle under the skin. You aren't able to see the chip or feel it but it is permanent. Veterinarians, shelters and many rescues have chip scanners that they use when a stray animal is turned in. When the scanner picks up the chip number they call the company and give them the information, which is connected to your contact info and then you are notified that someone has found your pet!

Statistically speaking, 1 in 3 pets goes missing during its lifetime. This is why a permanent identification chip is so important. Dogs, cats and most birds can be chipped. They don't need to be anesthetized and in most cases it can be done during a vaccine appointment. If you haven't had your pet chipped yet call your veterinarian for details. Microchipping only increases your chances for a safe reunion between you and your beloved pet!

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