Cute Santa dogs

  • Holidays with a pet

    holidaydogsThere is nothing like spending the holidays with the ones you love. And that definitely includes any animal family members as well. As I am finishing up the Christmas season, I have realized how great it is to have a pet around for it, or whatever holiday celebrations you may partake in.

    At first thought, sometimes having a pet during the holidays can be a lot of work. We often think about how we will have to find care for our pets while we are away, which can be stressful and costly (hint: just use Pet-Agree!). We also worry while apart from them, or when traveling with them. Long trips to see family have to stop to take the dog out potty, or parties have to end early so we can get home to feed the furry clan. We decorate our trees carefully, and still lose ornaments when the cat decides to climb it, or a wagging dog tail goes by. Beautifully wrapped presents get torn open early, and the stockings have to be hung just right so Fido doesn’t eat any of that chocolate. Cats play with dangling lights and knock down decorations. All the candles have to be flameless, or at least very carefully and sturdily placed. For us in the not-so-tropical states, taking the dog out in the snow can be the dreaded event of the night. It is bitterly cold, they don’t want to wear their coat, and the snow is up to your knees. Doesn’t sound like too much fun, right?

    Well, try not to think about these things. Instead remember how your dog races into the first snow with excitement over something so simple. Be grateful for the kitties that keep you warm on those cold winter nights. Bundle up and take the pups out for their walks and enjoy how the snowflakes stick to their cute little faces. Notice how truly happy your pets are for that small $5 gift (okay, well some of us spend more) you got them at the pet store, and how few people would be the same. And those pictures you took of your dog in a Santa suit or your cat with a bow on will make you laugh for years to come! In a season filled with the rush of buying gifts, cooking dinners, and traveling to family, take the time to spend with your furry friends. And be thankful that they are a part of your life, because their years with us are short.