My name is Annaka Draaisma and I started with Pet-Agree in May of 2020. Growing up, there were always animals in my house: from dogs to sheep, chickens to cats, and even a parrot! So, my love for animals started at a young age. Currently, my family has two rescue terrier mixes, Esther and Ruby, but, there will always be a special place in my heart for German Shepherds because I grew up with one named Raven! 

I have also been riding horses since the age of eight where my foundations of proper care for animals was started. Throughout my 7 years in volunteering at a therapy barn, I became a lead volunteer who was in charge of everyday horse care, such as feeding and cleanliness, multiple days a week. I was taught to pay attention to every individual horse, through their body language and habits, to make sure that they were all healthy and happy. 

I am currently enrolled at the University of Michigan where I am pursuing a degree in Movement Science. I am also a member of the Women’s Rowing team, which trains all year round so I am very active. One of my favorite training workouts is simply running! 


I can’t wait to care for your furry family members!