Hello, all! My name is Cheyenna, I started with Pet-Agree in November of 2018.

I'm a transplant to Grand Rapids after leaving a small farming town on the east side of the state. I grew up on a horse farm that bordered a cow farm. My whole life we had a slew of pets: dogs, cats, horses, and by extension all the animals next door we helped with. I spent my summers hanging out in the dog pen and braiding my horses hair. Unfortunately since moving to GR I haven't been able to have pets, working with Pet Agree is a way for me to get my fix! I work in the tech industry throughout the week and try to get in as many visits in my time away from the desk. I love meeting all of the new animals and creating bonds with both the parents and the pets. This has been such an incredible opportunity to explore the city and widen my knowledge of breeds and pet handling.