Hi, I'm Julia and this is my pet hedgehog, Hazel (aka Hazelnut, Prickly Pear, or Baby Girl)! She loves warm baths, dried mealworms, and relaxing inside of her little soft strawberry shaped hut. I'm a part-time professor and full-time animal lover! I grew up with cats, inheriting a love for animals from my mom and her mom before her. My first job was volunteering at the Michigan Humane Society in Detroit where I honed basic dog and cat care skills which I have continued to build upon since. I worked independently as a professional pet sitter for 2 years before joining the PetAgree crew. Walks and play time outdoors, whenever possible, are my favorite ways to spend time with your loved ones. Providing animals with affectionate care brings me great joy. I look forward to meeting your loved ones!!