Hi, my name is Karen.  I grew up in many different cities of Michigan. As a kid we lived on 10 acres that was right next to a land preserve. I had a goat, rabbits, dog and cats. We all went on hikes together…. well not the rabbits… that would be a bit difficult. Any, I was also in 4-H and wanted to either be a farmer or a veterinarian when I grew up. I went to school at University of Kentucky for Animal Science and found that I also enjoyed art, science and design, and decided to pursue Landscape Architecture. So, in the daytime I am an architect designing sites and at night and weekends comforting lonely pets as well as exercising and playing with pets to stay happy and healthy.

Growing up I always had pets and love other people’s pets just as much. I have a hard time not stopping to pet a dog or coax a kittie for a snuggle. I have 3 cats now. My older cat Buster was brother to Posey, so you can see I am also Sf Giants fan too. I also have Bruno (little stinkie) and Leo (Jane… because he is full figured-shhh… don’t tell)

I lived in Lexington KY for 8 years, Boston Mass for 2 years, North Carolina for 10 years, and San Francisco for 10 years. Now I’m back in my home state of Michigan. My cats are well travelled, as am I.  I have always had a furry companion who I dearly loved and counted on for cuddles and friendship. So, I know what it means to have someone care for your pet.

Pet Agree was my choice for pet care for a vacation.  I inquired about a position as pet sitter and dog walker because I saw the quality and attention, they gave to both the pet, as well as the owner.

When you leave somewhere, you are constantly thinking about your pet who is part of your family. When I left, I felt very confident and comfortable that my boys were going to be cared for properly and with love and attention. When I came home, they were happy and not stressed out. They wanted  Pet Agree more often…or at least I thought they might…. they are lovers and enjoy attention. Hee hee!

I am so happy to be part of the Pet Agree team, loving and caring for pets when their humans are gone.