Hi there! My name is Kristan and I am an absolute animal lover at heart! I’ve always been able to connect with animals from a very young age and was lucky enough to start my career in the animal field at a Pet Supply Store. Being at the store for around six years, I was able to learn so much about a variety of animals that we had to care for everyday. Anywhere from cats and dogs, to reptiles and birds, I love them all! After leaving the pet store, I was honored to start dog walking for a company in Metro Detroit and absolutely loved it.

Recently moving to Grand Rapids in February, I was lucky enough to find Pet-Agree to continue Dog Walking and other pet care, while ultimately pursuing classes for animal behavior and zoology. All that being said, I’m very excited to continue my love for animals as a Pet-Agree employee! I’ll treat your pet as if they were my own with unconditional love and playtime! 

In my free time, I’m a huge nature person and love the outdoors. When I’m not exploring the great outdoors, I’m usually hanging with my cat Zero and kitten Ripley. 

Looking forward to meeting all your fuzzy little (or not so little) children!