Hello everyone! My name is Mirissa Bowerman and I'm the Office Manager here at Pet-Agree!

I've always loved animals, when I was a little kid I was the one running around the neighborhood finding all the lost dogs so I could bring them back home - it's a love that has stuck with me ever since. I had orginally started college to become a psychologist, but after some self reflection and encouragement from my husband I took a chance and decided to make a living doing what I love - working with dogs! That started me on the path of dog training, so I started school online with CATCH Canine Trainers Academy. Through CATCH I met a wonderful dog training mentor named Melissa who eventually turned into not only my boss but one of my close friends. After training under Melissa I become a Dog Trainer at her business, Happy Tails Dog Training and I currently work there as well training awesome dogs and their people!

After my daughter Marlow as born I was looking for more work I could do on top dog training, so when my friend Stephanie (an amazing pet-agree employee) let me know a position here was open I had to jump at the chance! Diane takes so much pride in what we do here and I love being able to be a part of the Pet-Agree family!