I am Stacie and new to Pet-Agree but not new to pet care and ownership. Growing up with a love for the Michigan outdoors and always with furry friends.   I have had many animals, most rescues or ones that just literally showed up needing a spot to stay: cats, ferrets, dogs, chinchillas, hedgehogs, rats, many other animals.  I have helped in wildlife rehab, mainly with opossums. And have had the privilege of sharing my home with an un-releasable opossums, who taught me so very much about our marsupial friends. (They are not pets by any means and having one was challenging and done under care and help of other professionals).

I learned about canine care and behavior after owning a terrier named Jack, who was a handful!  With him I found a trainer who taught me positive based training, and how to manage within a dogs own limits and also how to help a dog build on its own strengths. I loved my dog Jack, but he wasn't and easy dog. But he was my heart dog and my hiking buddy. Having him and finding a positive based trainer who taught me did lead me to fostering dogs, especially those who needed extra time due to neglect or abuse. I also started to foster pit bull breeds and work in educating on bully breeds. There is nothing like seeing a first big bully grin erupt on a dog that came in scared and sad. I just love the breed.  There isn't a breed of dog from mutt to pure breed I don't like! But the bullys and big ol mutts steal my heart every time.

In my spare time you will find me camera in hand or pocket outside, or on the back of my husband's motorcycle or in the woods/trails hiking with one of my dogs. I love Michigan and all the seasons we have.  And never fail to find subjects to photograph.  We now share our home with Virgil an adopted pit bull who lives to stare at his enemy the squirrel or rolling his beloved "Log" thru the yard , Sprocket our adopted still yet to be determined what growing puppy ( American Bull Dog? bully mix? Dane mix? We have no idea! ) and two cats Kilroy and Gypsy.  I miss the foster dogs and a house full of crazy critters like a ferret sliding by or an opossum popping its head out of a cupboard to say "hi!”.  It’s rarely been a dull moment around here. 

And now I have entered the profession of pet care, a job that I am so passionate about and excited to do.  Leaving my last position of a desk job for my hiking shoes and a leash thrills me beyond what I can say!  
I hold myself to the same standards of pet care whether home or at another's home. Entering people’s space to take care of and walk their pets is a privilege and a responsibility I don't take lightly.  I am so happy to find a career in pet care with the Pet-Agree team!