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We arrived and all is fantastic with the cats and house!  We are so happy with your care of our cat family. Thanks for your excellence Diane and any of your staff that helped. We truly are very appreciative!!!


Thank you so much for taking such great care of the boys.  They loved you!

I'm sad to leave MI b/c I will truly miss Diane and her crew. They have cared for my 4-legged kids since I moved to GR 6 years ago. When I got two lab puppies a few years ago petagree was my saving grace- with noon potty break visits and lots of dinner time visits they made my life so much easier. Also knowing my babies were in the best care. I love knowing that when I'm away that they are safe and well taken care of- di and her crew treat my animals like family. I will truly miss them and so will Maggie, Bailey, Ella and Nevin! Thank you again for everything!!!

Thank you for coming to my rescue and for taking such good care of my kids.  I saw Izzy's picture on Facebook.  I was so excited!  It is such a comfort knowing I can always count on you and Pet-Agree.  You are truly amazing.

You certainly contribute to the beauty and depth of our pet family members life experiences! We are all lucky to be or to have been in relationship with you!!

All was well today when Dave returned home.  I have to say that I am truly thrilled that I choose Pet-Agree to watch our dogs.  Your commitment to your customers and ultimately your business really shows that you care about them and their pets.  We are very happy with Kasey and love that she is watching over our brown and black beauties!

Thank you for being our "rock" when it comes to our animals.  We really appreciate you and all you do!

Diane, I walk Oban every single morning around 6:15 AM. We have our little routine, which always includes her meandering this way & that, no matter what I try.

Larry takes her to the dog park almost every day. But he's been sick for several days, so she hasn't gone. I've been taking her for longer walks instead, up & down Leonard St. She has been much more cooperative, keeping up a nice pace, staying close and not pulling at the leash. I have to believe it's because of the walks she has with you & Pet Agree. She's been re-trained to walk well on the street. Thank you for that! I'll put effort into keeping that up. It's good for both of us :)

Anyway, thanks so much for teaching our dog new tricks!

Thank you so much for watching over our furry blondes.  Annie and Sammie loved your visits.  You left great detailed notes and sending me pictures while we were gone was priceless!

I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to you and especially to Carla for taking such good care of Montecore and Grace while I was gone!  It gave me such peace of mind to know that she was here every day to take care of them. Gracie took to her right away, which was awesome, but I was especially thrilled to hear that Montecore came out to see her after a few visits!  That's amazing - we have friends who have been in our lives for years, and he still hides when they come over!  I LOVED getting the pictures and text updates from her every day, and she was so dedicated in coming out even in the horrible weather that we've had over the past few weeks.  She also left thorough notes every day and scooped their boxes even more than I do :-) I couldn't be more pleased, and we will definitely be contacting you and Carla next time we go out of town - and even though we don't know anyone in town yet, as soon as we meet people with pets, we will be sure to tell them about Pet Agree!

Thank you for taking care of our cats and house while we were gone!  I felt so good knowing you would be here everyday!  You guys did such a wonderul job we would highly recommend you to others!  And, if we need someone in the future we will call you!

Cats all looked great and happy when we got home. Thx for your record keeping too- I read all your notes and  I appreciate that you guys give love and attention because they all get quite a bit during  the course of a day.  Thx soooo much!  We really appreciate your consistency and care

Everything is just fine.  I'm sure you spoiled Sam for life.  You could not have been a better friend for him.  The activity log is a good idea.  We appreciate the careful notes.  Thank you for such a fine job!

Hi Diane,
First let me start off by saying how much we really appreciate you and your company. We Really love Stephanie and so does Lambeau. She is a true asset to your team!