My name is Emma Strickstein and I started with Pet-Agree in January 2020. I have a BFA in Photography from Kendall College of Art and Design, which I love to combine with my passion for animals whenever I can!

I've always had a animal companion by my side and when I don't, I just don't feel like myself. Since childhood I've loved providing care and hospitality, love, and (of course!) cuddles to all animals. Growing up we had all sorts of pets ranging from dogs, guinea pigs, parakeets, finches, to fish and hamsters! Since being on my own, I've owned a rabbit and dog and hope to keep my animal family growing! 
Between myself and my boyfriend, we currently have 3 loving pets of our own. Koda, my beloved 3 year old brindle Pitbull, She's only been with our small family for less than a year but we love her like she's been ours forever. Sprinkles and Ranger are our two cats, going on 7 these boys are sweet, silly, and always sassy!
I've now worked in Animal Care Industry for 3+ years and plan to continue with that journey for as long as I can. In caring for them, I feel as though I am giving back to these wonderful creatures who helped save me from darker times, along with teaching me so much about myself and the world around me.
With that, I have an understanding of Dog Behavior/Body Language and have been working on my skills with cats in the recent months to further my animal education. I absolutely love letting people know about their pets day and sharing cute/silly pictures of our adventures!
 I am very thankful for my opportunity with Pet-Agree, which allows me to share my love of animals with your family!