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Busy schedule? Not able to spend as much one-on-one time with your cat as you’d like? Pet-Agree is the answer! We offer a variety of cat sitting services to pet owners throughout Grand Rapids, Michigan. Whether you simply need someone to clean the litter box once a day, or would like someone to spend some quality time with your cat, we’re here to help!

Daily Visits – Cats

Trustworthy Cat Sitting Providers

When trusting someone to come into your home to care for your pet, make sure they’re honest, dependable, and respectful! Pet-Agree staff members are all specially trained and highly professional. We wear gloves while changing the litter box and carry disinfectant wipes at all times. We’ll make sure any animal-related messes are taken care of during our visit. Above all else, we’ll treat your sweet pet like our own – with an abundance of love and affection!

If you’re looking for cat sitting services, look no further! Call Pet-Agree today at (616) 633-9902.

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