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They are absolutely wonderful. They arrive on time, take pictures of Buddy during their visit, go on long walks, and play! I come home to detailed notes about my dog. These ladies are so reliable, and are absolute lifesavers on long days. They're affordable and able to accommodate my schedule.

I wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU.  Zeke was happy and you took great care of him, Smudge too. It's reassuring to know that I  have someone to care for my furry family members when I  am away:) Thanks, again.
Rhonda , Zeke and Smudge
I just wanted to let you know that later this month, we'll be moving out of state - to Minneapolis! Sadly, this means we'll have to find some new dog walkers/sitters in our new city. 
Before we leave, I wanted to make sure to thank you all - especially Stephanie and Stacie, who have spent lots of quality time with our pup - for the great care you've given to Gunner while we've been in Grand Rapids. We've been able to enjoy stress-free trips knowing that Gunner was in good hands, safe, and getting lots of love & attention. Your team has been great about providing updates, and even helped us catch a medical condition by noticing when Gunner wasn't quite acting like himself.  
I know Gunner will miss visits from his Pet-Agree friends. Thanks, again, for everything! 

Thank you so much. Everyone who has come to take care of our pets has done a wonderful job and we appreciate your service.

We were thrilled with Heather and the great care she gave our girls.  She even brought in our mail, which we did not expect her to do.  She left a great log of her visits too.  This is the first time we have ever left them for more than a day and it is such a comfort knowing we can have Pet Agree care for them so now we can travel more and not worry about them.  Thank you so much and our special thanks to Heather. 

May 1, 2018

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you so much for being our Pet-Agree Person!!! When we got home, our dogs were happy and very very normal, like it was a regular day. We could not have hoped for any greater success with Pet-Agree and especially you personally. Your care was so normal and homey and personal and loving and probably more walking than we do, that we got to go away for five days with no adverse effect at all on Rigg and Izzy. The pictures and videos you texted while we were gone, your wonderful and very positive personality, and your very clear love of animals gave us great confidence about going away and big smiles when we got back.

Thank you from all of us for your excellent care.

Bob, Mary, Rigg, and Izzy.

 I just wanted to Thank you again for the service you provided to Orley while we were gone!  My brother-in-law is highly complimentary of all the walkers that have taken Orley out for his daily walks.  I appreciate knowing that Orley is being well taken care of while I’m gone.  Also, the pictures of Orley that were sent are gorgeous!  Love them!

Diane and her team have provided us with great pet care for several years and have really helped me out with my Labradors - especially coming up with a wonderful exercise routine for my 1 year old Manuel. The addition of daily hour long walks have really made a difference when we are on vacation!

Good morning Diane and the Pet-Agree gals,

Just wanted to let you know that we moved to Colorado - - time to enjoy some hiking with the boys! Thank you for your excellent care over all the years we lived in the Grand Rapids area!

Hi Diane
Just wanted to let you know that Alicia did a FABULOUS job taking care of Woody and Clyde (and Swimmy too!)  They were so happy and content when we got home - nothing like when we have used other pet sitters.  The litter boxes were immaculate and food bowls full.  We loved the pictures she texted us each day - such peace of mind to see our babies were being well taken care of.
Thank you thank you!
Petagree is simply an awesome organization. We can’t thank them enough for the care they have provided our pets over the past few years. Most of our pets have special needs (seizures, separation anxiety, etc) and Diane and her team have cared for them like they were their own. They even rolled our trash cans down our 600’ foot driveway before our open house before we moved! We couldn’t have survived without them over the 4 years we lived in the GR area, and we miss them everyday. Great team, great people.

Thank you for the wonderful service you provide.  It made my time in the hospital easier knowing they were cared for.
I will definitely use your service.  Prince loves to cuddle, I hope he wasn’t too much of a bed hog.

I can't begin to tell you how much I love Steph. She takes care of my kids with the thoughtfulness and attention that I had running my dog walking/day care business in Chicago. Each time I hired someone, I wanted them to "get it."  Only a few really cared. Steph is just awesome. You are lucky to have her in your crew. We are so lucky and thankful for her!!!!!!
She just rocks. And she and our Gussie are in love:)

We arrived and all is fantastic with the cats and house!  We are so happy with your care of our cat family. Thanks for your excellence Diane and any of your staff that helped. We truly are very appreciative!!!


Just wanted to thank Mel for taking care of the cats.  I really appreciate the notes she left.  The cat area was real clean and except for Cali hiding for a bit when I got home, they both seemed happy.


I'm sad to leave MI b/c I will truly miss Diane and her crew. They have cared for my 4-legged kids since I moved to GR 6 years ago. When I got two lab puppies a few years ago petagree was my saving grace- with noon potty break visits and lots of dinner time visits they made my life so much easier. Also knowing my babies were in the best care. I love knowing that when I'm away that they are safe and well taken care of- di and her crew treat my animals like family. I will truly miss them and so will Maggie, Bailey, Ella and Nevin! Thank you again for everything!!!